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New functionalities within MicroStrategy 10


See the text in Spanish

MicroStrategy event at Madrid


New local event, the only one in Spain. They will present and demo MicroStrategy 10

New version MicroStrategy 10 available


MicroStrategy 10 is now available. It is very easy to upgrade

MicroStrategy World Barcelona 2014


Again in Barcelona, MicroStrategy World

New videos on Solindata channel in Youtube


We have published new videos in our channel in Youtube.

A new video shows a dashboard developped using open data and enterely on web using Visual Insight from MicroStrategy.

Bubbles Graph with Visual Insight

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MicroStrategy World Barcelona 2013


We are pleased to share a bit summary of the most relevant presentations and announcements done in the last World Symposium that took place in Barcelona. During all the three days, we shared comments and pictures of what was happening via twitter, you can find here some of those comments and pictures.

There were during 2 days 7 simultaneous tracks, so we could not assist all of them.

Sennheiser presented its CRM solution 360º, a combination of functionalities from Sugar CRM and MicroStrategy.

Cocacola has designed an incredibly easy to use dashboard, based on answering business questions.

Migros analiza el retorno de la inversión en BI

Migros, a big supermarket with stores in many countries, shared the conclusions of the gain and saving of having an efficient BI on board. These numbers are useful for most of you who are still wondering if you need a BI.
For example:

  • 40% of paper reduction
  • 3% increase of efficiency

A brief summary about future improvements in MicroStrategy platform: Transaction Services and Index Search, very demanded funtionality in Big Data projects.

Intelligent Cubes and performance.

MicroStrategy and Cisco allow now to share a dashboard and in the same screen see the colleagues in a videoconference

Some more pictures:

MicroStrategy Forum 2012


If you want to learn about the new MicroStrategy and see successful projects explained by customers like Colomer, Telefonica, Volkswagen and Novartis, come and see.

Symposium MicroStrategy 2011


On the 22nd November it will take place the MicroStrategy Symposium in Madrid. In other cities like Barcelona, Valencia, A Coruña and Bilbao there will be smaller roadshows with product presentations

They will introduce a new solution to extract data from Facebook, combine it with enterprise data and return it to the web using an intelligent CRM

They will, as well, present the new version that interacts with Android tablets and complements the previous versions for Ipad, Iphone and Blackberry

If you wish to assist for free, ask us.

Business intelligence – Mobile Apps – Cloud – Social Networks

Informatica Real Time and Data replication


On 23rd September it took place in Madrid the roadshow of Data Replication, and an overview about Real Time. The summary and impressions of our consultant about the content are only in Spanish

New solindata channel on youtube


You can now watch our first video in spanish about MicroStrategy. We will continue publishing new videos about new and interesting functionalities in Business Intelligence

Solindata is on twitter


You can now follow us also on twitter, be informed with our news and interesting articles related to business intelligence and specially MicroStrategy

Solindata sponsors the MicroStrategy Symposium 2010


Solindata sponsors the MicroStrategy symposium as we did last year, but this time in Barcelona, where we are now present and expanding our business.

Join us:

  • Barcelona 18th November
  • Madrid 16 November
  • Informatica is now a new partner


    Being now partner of Informatica, Solindata grows its partners network which will increase the confidence that its clients have in our professionalism.

    This partnership and the one with MicroStrategy, allow us to deliver end-to-end BI projects with certified experts in the most demanded tools.

    About Informatica:

    Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software. Organizations around the world gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives. More than 4,100 enterprises worldwide rely on Informatica to access, integrate and trust their information assets held in the traditional enterprise, off premise and in the Cloud.

    MicroStrategy refers to Solindata as an expert partner


    MicroStrategy introduced the new Country Manager for Spain, François Cadillon, and explained as well its strategy to continue the growth, which will be achieved by increasing its precence in the market of medium-size companies. They informed as well about the new product MicroStrategy Mobile, who will allow to create applications for iphone and ipad.

    Regarding the strategy, he pretends to improve the relation with partners by giving them more resources and making some business actions together. He listed some of the partners: Indra, Accenture, Tecnocom and Solindata, which was referred as an expert partner.

    Read the whole article (in spanish) here

    Interview Arturo Jimenez, Solindata's Technical Director.


    “Solindata wants to become the national reference in Business Intelligence”

    Arturo explains the 3 business areas in the company: BI, ETL and Location Intelligence, how it evolved since 2006 and he introduces its strategy for the future.

    To the question about the BI market, he answers that the also the medium-size companies are beginning to have interest in analysing its data.

    If you would like to read all the interview (in spanish only), please click here.

    Solindata and Integeo develop an spatial hub for MicroStrategy


    Solindata has partnered with australian company Integeo to develop an spatial hub between MicroStrategy and the leading GIS vendors: ESRI, Geoserver and MapInfo.

    The solution is completely integrated within the MicroStrategy Web interface, and enables Business Intelligence users not only to view reports as maps, but also to exploit the rich spatial functionality provided by Integeo's Map Intelligence application.

    Arturo Jiménez of Solindata said, "MicroStrategy users have now access to the rich spatial functionality provided by Map Intelligence, with a solution completely integrated within MicroStrategy Web"

    Roderick Ross of Integeo said, "Integeo is excited about the opportunity of working with Solindata to give MicroStrategy customers a compelling new view of their business information. Our technology quickly and easily exposes spatial relationships that are implicit in most data sets but are usually hidden. MicroStrategy users will now be able to easily embed sophisticated location intelligence – maps, building plans, and other visualizations - into their reports, without ever leaving their familiar MicroStrategy environment. In partnering with Solindata for this development, they have provided us with an unparalleled level of integration into the MicroStrategy environment through which we can now deploy all our supported map server engines"

    Alvaro de Gracia of Integeo Iberia said, "MicroStrategy users can now link to the Map Intelligence spatial hub and get all the benefits of direct mapping capability from leading GIS servers such as ESRI, Geoserver and MapInfo. The hub also provides rich 3D spatial analytics."

    About Integeo:

    Integeo is a global leader in the converging fields of Business and Location Intelligence with its Map Intelligence ‘Spatial Hub’ bringing mapping visualizations and analytical capabilities to a diverse range of customers who cover all levels of government (Federal, State and local), banking and insurance, transport, police and emergency management and retail. Integeo is part of the Forge Group